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Posts From Julie, 2011

REDD+ is knocking at the door of Pakistan and there is a need to develop capacities and knowledge based systems: IG Forests 

Smallholders helped back on their feet - but further support needed 

Muslim INGOs Pakistan to distribute Ramadan Food Packs to poor families 

12th Pure Mathematics International Conference Starts 

Foreign exchange reserves hit high at $18.3b with $11.2b remittances 

No load shedding at Sehr, Iftar but at daytime 

Indian media portrays Hina’s stylish clothing, jewelry forgetting substance 

Public-private partnerships can provide low-carbon energy to the poorest 

‘Focus Pakistan Conference’ in Texas: 

Moderate Earthquake Jolts Malakand Division 

SC takes notice of making Secretary Established OSD; 

28 July: 152 souls restless despite lapse of one year; 

Government should implement the decisions of the Supreme Court in Letter and Spirit, demands PILDAT 

Media persons from radio attend sensitization session on Gender Equity 

‘Entertainment Needs of Women Busy in Dull Domestic Work’: 

Islamic Microfinance Network (IMFN) now unlock for membership worldwide 

Flood Warning issued, Army deployed at Nullah Leh; 

SC orders ‘DG FIA to be presented handcuffed before court’; 

Aurat Foundation, USAID Facilitates Media Sensitization Sessions on Gender Equity 

Punjab lags behind all provinces in girls’ education; 

People throng Lake View Park after rain 

Agriculture insurance can address problem of food insecurity; 

Agenda of the PML (N) leadership is different from all the other political parties: Bajuri 

Petroleum prices to rise after Ramadan 

Ibrahim gazes in empty space as he contemplates about the uncertainties of his future 

Miracle: Allah’s name appears on a tree at Gawalmandi 

No end to the miseries of the CSS aspirants 

Polio cases in Pakistan: 

HRCP to conduct fact-finding on Karachi violence 

Disability is not our fault but fate; 

Oslo extremists’ attack seems part of politics of hatred against immigrants, especially Pakistanis 

All Pakistan basketball tournament starts at PSC; 

Aisam-ul-Haq announces US$10,000 donation for flood affectees 

‘ATM Card Secure Plan’: 

Women Eid Expo Starts Today 

38% attendance in National Assembly Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs; 

‘Can’t afford more Saleem Shahzads’: 

An exhibition of Road Show titled ‘Spaces’ by PIID 

‘Dying to live’: 

‘Tug of war’ between the US diplomats & Local Security Intensifies:  

FJWU reaffirms its commitment to educate women 

Reckless riding of bikers risking their own and others’ lives 

Hina Rabbani Khar appointed Foreign Minister 

HRCP slams barring of Sikhs from temple 

‘No free lunch in U.S’ but ‘Yes’ in Pakistan 

Spot Fixing Case: 

‘To Hire’ by Asif Hussain: 

‘There is some method in this madness’ 

8.6 Or higher magnitude earthquake may hit Pakistan this year 

An Artist’s Journey: 

A rare chance to visit US on fellowship 

CA trainee students protest over low stipend rate: 

The First-Ever Woman FM Soon 

HRCP’s shows concern over a prisoner’s death 

‘Human Rights Defenders’ in Balochistan are ‘Defenceless’; 

GST on machinery imports against national interests: Raza Khan 

Convocation held at FAST-NU: 

Syria needs democracy and Pakistan’s full support 

Miraculous treatment of incurable diseases: 

Comprehensive programme to conserve, manage freshwater habitats imperative; 

Civil court declares Aqeel, a Proclaimed Offender 

Bucketing day becomes a nightmare for many 

Blind man Begs to win back his House; 

President warns Zulfiqar Mirza ‘to mend his ways’: 

July 18th: ‘Nelson Mandela International Day’; 

With IOM’s Support Phase-I of the Watan card compensation programme ends; 

Reflection of Poor Performance of Legislators and the NA: 

Local communities are best placed for conserving natural resources: Research 

Do not consider ‘terrorists’ as ‘tourists’ and ‘tourists’ as ‘terrorists’: 

Kardar’s resign jolts banking sector, worries investors; 

Government refused to restore Zafar Qureshi 

Fellowships for Outstanding Research in Drug Use and HIV 

Reduction in rate of biodiversity loss target for 2010 not met 

‘The timely completion of ongoing projects will be ensured in earthquake affected areas’: Deputy Chairman ERRA 

Islamic Microfinance can work with all the Microfinance Models of the world: Zubair Mughal 

HRCP concerned over ATA cases registered against Media men 

‘Our Future is in Safe Hands’: 

Reproductive Health Awareness Workshop by RHIA; 

CNG fitted vehicles or ‘Moving Bombs’: 

International Conference spells out the agenda for sustainable and inclusive growth in Pakistan 

Young Hero Daringly Faces the Hardships of Life 

No need to fear floods now; 

Insecurity Breeds Insecurity 

Bus Blast Burns 15 alive, injures several 

U.S. Expands Opportunities for Pakistani Women 

HRCP for helping new wave of IDPs 

It is not his loss alone, the nation will suffer someday 

‘Aina-e-Naqqash’: Dream of a Special Person 

Vendors near Hospitals fleecing people: 

Is there any limit to human lust? 

Aim should be high, soaring up in the sky 

Gola and Falooda brought smiles on the faces of children’s 

Ameer Muqam had a narrow escape; 

Beauty of the capital being recklessly ruined 

Did they exercise a choice to be born so? 

Door chalking turns a nuisance for people: 

Death hovering over residents of Karachi: 

Deaf, Dumb Shahid -- an Exemplary Being: 

Rotary Elects Dr. Abdul Basit as President  

PILDAT Welcomes ECP decision to ban election of Foreign Nationals to Parliament; 

At the Mercy of ‘Mother Nature’: 

‘WASH Media Awards’: 

CMMF staff demands transfer of Auditor 

WFP to help Sindh Cope better with Disasters; 

PFUJ Condemns Target Attack on Journalist 

SC orders Gov to stop ‘Departmental Prosecution’ against Qureshi; 

Heavy Rain Washes Heat Away; 

Disability, Disease Ruined his Fruit Trade 

Housewives can also play crucial role in economic development of country; 

ADB gives U.S $320m to Bangladesh to improve primary education, achieve gender parity 

Mortar hits a house in KA; Kills 03, Injures 01 

Cultural Architectural Work on Walls: 

Even Islamabad witnesses 127 cases of violence against women 

Disability is his Strength: 

DNA achievement makes Pakistan sixth in the world 

Roots School organizes RNITTE MMW 2011 Certification Ceremony 

Military operations and war involve degradation of ecology and land; 

Surge of street crime in the city perturbing residents: 

ASI among three cops martyred, two wounded in police check-post attack in Shangala 

Consultative Workshop on 4th Sacosan Held 

Refusal to approve trade concessions makes WTO more political: Raza Khan 

Latest German Cement Plant Inaugurated: 

Lok Virsa Planning to organize more Events to Promote Pakistani Heritage: Khalid 

Light-Hearted Way to Address Social Issues 

Blind Boy Gifted with ‘Inner Light’ 

Strength Personified: 

Encourage women to support future generations: Ghulam Ali 

Govt hits masses with CNG-bomb on new fiscal year: 

Disabled ‘in the line of duty’: 

Transportation system is being paralyzed; 

Environment: The First Casualty in War 

Disorderly traffic engulfs twin-cities: 

Fatherhood Personified: 

French journalists released after being held hostage for 18 months 

‘Training Workshop on Safeguarding Intangible Culture’: