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Culture barriers should be the next target: 

02 Oktober 2011 10:07:07

Culture barriers should be the next target:


Cultural exchange should also be doubled as done with bilateral trade


With the bilateral trade becoming more than double between the two neighbouring countries who have recently decided to come close, the peace process derailed after 2008 Mumbai attack seems to resume.


This was made possible after 3 long years of efforts that Commerce Minister Makhdoom Amin Fahim and his counterpart Anand Sharma signed the agreement to expand bilateral trade up to US$6 billion, double the existing level.


Restoring relations in trade is a good initiative for more cordial relation. Without a deep economic engagement a long lasting peace in South Asia is not imaginable. We can spend almost all the 80% of the money which we spend on the border safety on the education sector only if both countries are having cordial relation. Relations on cultural front should also be improved with help of government by organizing various cultural events, exhibitions, movies, songs and dramas.


“Cultural exchange is very important for both the countries. This way we would have cordial atmosphere in the region especially in south Asia and peace can also prevail. The people of both the countries like and watch each others dramas, songs, movies and are also keen to know and follow the novel fashion styles followed on either side of the border. Both enjoy cultural activities of each other. So why cannot we start trade in these areas which are inevitable,” an artist Afzal Latifi said talking to INFN.


A well-known designer Liala Hassan said that Showbiz is also a business; we can also generate more revenue and can multiply our economy by breaking barriers in the way of fashion and cultural field. We have the best quality of cotton mills in Faisalabad and by promoting this industry, we can do wonders.


Pakistani film industry is almost on the verge of decline despite having lots of talent present in the country. There could be various reasons for its decline.

However, the government is not serious to support them financially in order to give opportunity to artists for making standard movies. “More people should come towards the promotion of cultural business and government should also cooperate. We face problems of visa and other legal formalities like police reports, character certificates needed to visit India and the gap of almost 40 days after applying for visa processing which is causing problems for the artists and the cultural promoters of both the countries,” Samina Fazil President Islamabad Women Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IWCCI) said while talking exclusively to INFN.


“We go to India ourselves and no government involvement is seen anywhere while the culture ministry is also not playing its part well. We rarely arrange any event in India fearing not getting the visas and other problems faced by the mangers who has to arrange an event there. Large number of ladies working in the Textile sector as well as in the fashion and culture industry could bring revolution if they are assisted by the government,” she explained.