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Teachers protest for upgradation at NPC 

03 Oktober 2011 09:38:03

Teachers protest for upgradation at NPC


‘Save teachers to save education’, Teachers give their word for getting rights


Thousands of teachers under the Federal Government College Teachers Association (FGCTA) protested on Monday in front of National Press Club (NPC).


The scheduled demonstration was held against the non-compliance of the Prime Minister’s directives to upgrade the college teachers and demanded the government to take serious action against those who are involved in the delay of the college teachers’ package.


All the teachers of the 10 FG colleges in Islamabad took part in the protest. Tahir Mehmood, general secretary of the FGCTA said while talking to INFN, “We are the teachers who have very vital role in giving awareness, guideline, direction and showing the right path to the youth and future generation of our country who later become the backbone of this state. We started the protest in a peaceful way; however, no one was ready to listen to our grievances. The PM has promised and announced the up-gradation in front of the 10 thousands college teachers and gave the directive to implement the decision. But the establishment and the bureaucracy are bringing hurdles in carrying out the orders.”


He said that the directive of PM was of no value to the establishment. On October 5, we are going to observe World Literacy Day (WLD) as ‘black day’ and we would also stage a protest in front of the Parliament as well.


The FGCTA launched the protest formally September, 19. The protest was started due to non-compliance of PM’s package.


The teacher’s package included upgradation of college teachers which was announced by the Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani in his address to a huge gathering of teachers at Convention Centre Islamabad back on November 8, 2010. As this package was being put off under one pretext or the other, this delay in implementation increased the anxiety among the teachers.


College teachers are showing concern about indifferent attitude of the administration towards up-gradation of college teachers duly promised by PM.