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Preservation of Pakistani Heritage 

10 Oktober 2011 08:27:42

Preservation of Pakistani Heritage


Raku Art a soothing solution to my curiosity: Nasir Malik


The best way to honour the past is to preserve it. That is what several important buildings and sites may speak today.


It is interesting to note that the national monuments of Pakistan are primarily restricted to sites and buildings which are identified with the leaders or event of the partition. Still there are other sites with glorious offerings of their own as well that needs to be preserved.


The display of ‘RAKU’ Ceramics and Heritage Photography by Nasir Malik-Sculpture by Abbas Shah starts in the Nomad Art Gallery here on Monday in Islamabad which is meant to bring awareness and preservation forcing thinking of people towards the Pakistani Heritage which has long been liked by the people around the world.


Artist Abbas Shah said talking to INFN, “Wood is our companion since we understood to live. Let us have a dialogue with its soul which is enchanted for me its sufferings are enormous, but it has a tremendous energy in itself which is life saving.”


Abbas Shah is a senior artist, sculptor and designer who has had a long career in PTV and has been teaching at various Art institutes. He is a freelance illustrator and talented sculptor. He has worked in many projects.

Nasir Malik said, “Clay and fire-play ignite my body, mind and soul and everything around transforms into tactile world of visual music.”


The traditional Japanese Raku, a kind of ceramic, is another important work done by Malik in red and black. “I have been doing ceramics for more than 30 years. But being a chemistry student my interest was in red-clay that is rich in Iron with which I made exclusive shapes of pots in unique colours.


“Raku art was a soothing solution to my curiosity. Classical photography is also my forte. Briefing on this art is all about calculation of what you want to capture, in what moods and tones.” He added.


Photography deals with the preservation of old buildings and heritage sites. Malik has put over 20 pieces of classical photographs, mainly focusing on Sujan Haveli and other old building around Islamabad and Rawalpindi.