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Defence Budget: 

27 Mei 2011 09:07:31

Defence Budget:

India spending $30.5 billion more than Pakistan

Pakistan’s defence budget (PDB) is 30.05 US Billion Dollar behind that of India, as Rs 500 billion are expected for the defence with the increase of 18% in the next fiscal year.

According to officials, The Rs 524 billion budget requested includes salaries of Rs 202 billion (up by 15 per cent from the 2010-2011 budget), operational expenses of Rs 127 billion (up 14 per cent), physical assets of Rs 148 billion (up 24 per cent) and civil works of Rs 47 billion (up 38 per cent). 
It is a pertinent to note that two of the three intelligence agencies of Pakistan, namely the Inter Services Agency (ISI) and Military Intelligence (MI) are also operated out of the Ministry of Defence budget, while the third, Intelligence Bureau (IB), falls under the purview of the Interior Ministry.

Officials told, the defence budget for India for 2011-12 has been increased by 11.59 per cent over the previous year’s allocation, its growth rate comes down to 8.47 per cent over the revised estimate for 2010-11. In other words, the Ministry of Defence (MoD) has over spent its 2010-11 allocations (at the time of revised estimate) by Rs 4,237.69 crore. Unlike the previous years, this extra expenditure was, incurred on both the revenue and capital fronts; the former grew by Rs 3,404.43 core (3.9 per cent), and the latter marginally, but significantly, by Rs. 833.26 crore (1.4 per cent).

Sources told INFN that in Indian budget 2011-12, the army, with an approximate budget of Rs. 83, 415 crore, accounts for 51 per cent of the total defence budget; at a distance follow the air force (Rs. 46,151.78 crore), navy (Rs. 25,246.89 crore), Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO) (Rs. 10,253.17 crore), and ordnance factories (OFs) (Rs. 776.79 crore). The major share for the army is because of the large scale provision under revenue expenditure, which is primarily driven by pay and allowances. In terms of capital expenditure, the air force with a budget of Rs. 30,223.83 crore is the most capital-intensive, followed by the army (Rs. 19,163.07 crore), navy (Rs. 14,657.83 crore), DRDO (Rs. 4,628.3 crore), and OFs (Rs. 399.96 crore). -- INFN