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Solving Traffic Problems 

27 Mei 2011 09:46:57

Solving Traffic Problems

Traffic Management Study in Gujranwala

The Infrastructure Project Development Facility (IPDF) is a company established under the aegis of the Ministry of Finance, Government of Pakistan. IPDF has invited proposals from individuals, team/firms; well equipped with suitably qualified and experienced consultants and other resources to conduct a study relating to the traffic problems faced by the city of Gujranwala, Officials have informed INFN.

This traffic management study will assist IPDF and City District Government Gujranwala (CDGG) in conceiving a long term solution to the persistent traffic problems confronting Gujranwala city. IPDF in collaboration with the CDGG intends to evaluate and assess various project options on PPP modality to facilitate the fluent and continuous movement of traffic in Gujranwala based on the viability.

Sources further told that the PPP Policy includes Feasibility Guidelines, Procurement Guidelines and Standardized Public Private Partnership Provisions under which the Project is to be implemented.

Officials emphasized that the study is to be used to conduct macro analysis of the traffic problems of the city and find out the reasons which actually cause the traffic jams at the parts of GT Road crossing through the city; or otherwise create bottlenecks at various junctions and nodes across both the sides of railway line; passing through heart of the city, and to evaluate the existing traffic handling arrangements being followed in the city and propose various options, modifications and infrastructure requirement which may provide long term solution; leading towards smooth traffic flow in the city.

According to officials, to develop a traffic strategy that may ultimately address the underlying traffic problems; suggest necessary modifications; that should be part of tangible and pragmatic traffic management plan. This strategy should be particularly relating to different outlets across both the sides of railway line; in a cost effective and affordable manner.

The Traffic Study will be conducted in particular context of the city of Gujranwala and will focus only on the multiple outlets which actually connect the city across both the sides of railway line.  This study will take in mind all the associated factors which actually contribute towards traffic problems or affect the smooth flow of traffic in any way.  This may encompass various technical and social factors, urban trends, prevailing traffic management techniques, available infrastructure arrangements and other sundry factors.  The allocated time for the Traffic study is around 4-5 weeks, Officials added