Founding Editor: Shafqat Munir   

Woes of Education: 

28 Oktober 2011 08:47:13

Woes of Education:

Two weekly holidays hurt education


EDUCATION is already in the plunks as far as Pakistan is concerned. It has the lowest literacy rate in South Asia. Instead of trying to improve it, we are creating such problems.


The wretchedness of education department in our country have never valued and subsidized despite pursuing every possible way of taking a rain check either by dissolution of HEC or giving two days off. Even in the budget allocations, education have always been the scapegoats and a setback for a nation like Pakistan to promote and give education its due importance, especially when compared to neighboring countries like India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.


As it is very much obvious that our standard of education is already in deteriorated shape but on the other hand, the government have closed down all the educational institutions for 2 days a week to further escalate and decline education of our younger generation.  As the government is sacrifice education only for the purpose of reducing energy consumption and administrative expenditure as electricity shortfall would increase in the coming summer.


Pakistan is a developing country with already low literacy rate in the face of having a lot of talent and potential but almost zero chances are provided to the students to avail it for the prosperity and well-being of nation.


Teachers have to complete their courses on time whatsoever occurs but two off had made it more hectic for both the teachers and the students for finishing it smoothly. However it is the student who has to take stress of continuous work of their assignments and repeated exams. The overall order of the student’s studying pattern changes with this bizarre and irrelevant move of the government.


This sort of system is widespread in most parts of the developed world where there is high literacy rate including the conceptual and creative based learning while they have a developed system of teaching apart from other expertise in educational fields. Our concerned authorities are justifying the move of imposing two weekly holidays in the country with the idea of western world. But here in our country there is an entire ‘Rata’ based and cramming based system and they should also change this to a conceptual learning like the two offs a week as well if they really concern for the betterment of their country’s and for the future generation as well.

Education has also become a private business despites the rage of terrorism, law and order situation in the country which has brought hug fear psychosis among the students and their parents as well. The conducive and healthy atmosphere of the campus stay for studying has also diminished due to the fear of bomb blast and terrorism act.

It is a serious matter of concern and needs to be addressed with war footing. Sacrificing the education of the younger generation only for the sake of consumption of energy is very bad as in the outer world governments are spending hug amount of money on this sector to bring prosperity and development in their state but unfortunately opposite is happening here.